The Crèche membership is comprised of approximately 100 active members, 140 associate members and 20 non-resident members. The long tradition of helping children in the greater Jamestown area is accomplished by the many caring and talented women in our community.

Qualities of a Crèche member include being positive, having compassion for children, accepting responsibility and participating in all Committee functions.

Prospective members will have the opportunity to attend Crèche informational gatherings during the year where they can meet some of our members, learn more about Crèche and become familiar with the obligations of an active member.

New members are welcomed and introduced at one of our three Tri-Annual meetings.

Each year, active members are appointed to a standing Committees and participate in all Committee meetings and/or functions.

Membership Dues

Crèche depends on annual dues from the membership in order to achieve its all-important mission. 

New members will pay a one-time initiation fee of $15. 

Dues for an active member are $35 and for an associate member are $25. Checks are payable to "The Creche" and are due by March 15.