Active Crèche members will be assigned to one of eight Standing Committees as follows:

Community Service

The Community Service Committee provides summer camperships and Christmas gifts to children in need.

Committee members contact local school representatives for referrals of students in need of scholarships to attend summer camp.

In the fall, the Committee works with area schools and area agencies to get referrals for families in need of Christmas presents. Crèche members enjoy Christmas shopping for clothing and “a special gift” for each child in the family. Gifts are wrapped and personally delivered to appreciative families. Personal hygiene products and gift certificates for food are given as well. Crèche is honored to help provide a brighter Christmas season for these families.


The purpose of the Hospital Committee is to purchase or supply pediatric equipment and supplies that are not easily funded from the WCA general operating budget. An annual pediatric wish list is gathered from all the areas that service pediatric patients by the Hospital's Director of Development.

The Crèche Committee members review and prioritize the list for purchase within the Crèche annual budget or by donations directly from the members. Committee members may tour various departments to get a better understanding of specific needs and how items will be used. There are always more items that are needed than Crèche can supply.

Items purchased for WCA during 2011 that will serve children include:

  • therapeutic games, markers, crayons, and construction paper (Adolescent Mental Health Department)
  • temporal artery thermometer, infant baby scale, infant blood pressure cuff, infant and pediatric stethoscopes, and a portable pediatric cart (Emergency Department)
  • educational DVDs and books (Psychology Department)
  • printer, plaster, and laminating film (Recreational Therapy Department)
  • child assessment items (Speech and Hearing Department)

Crèche members are pleased to help WCA make a difference in the quality of care provided to children.


The Investigating Committee works with 50 various agencies in the greater Jamestown area. Letters that include contact information and a case record sheet are mailed to these agencies.  Agency representatives use the case record sheet to request essential items for a child in need. As a volunteer organization, Crèche needs to rely on these agencies to verify the children’s needs.

Items provided in the past include cribs, twin beds, bedding, high chairs, clothing, shoes, winter coats, and, in some situations, monies for services not covered by the parent’s insurance. Requested items may be retrieved from inventory or purchased. 

Once the items are collected, arrangements are made for delivery to the family. The recipients are very grateful as they may have had no other way to provide for their children.  

The Investigating Committee is very rewarding to Crèche members. Helping a needy child is the heart and soul of our organization.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for “getting the word out” about Crèche, its mission, and its events. 

Publicity for our fundraisers includes:

  • Posters placed in various places in the city and on the Time Warner Community Bulletin Board
  • Ads placed in The Post-Journal and The Penny Saver
  • Photos submitted to The Post-Journal for all our major events
  • Day-long media blitz on five Media One stations and on WKRZ 106.9 FM
  • Public service announcements sent to all area radio stations


The goal of the Membership Committee is to actively recruit prospective members. Crèche members invite women to informational gatherings that are usually conducted at the home of a Committee member.

During these events, members discuss the benefits of belonging to Crèche, explain how the organization is set up, review member obligations, and share their own personal experiences.

It is the responsibility of all Crèche members to help new members feel welcome and act as a mentor to them as needed.


More than 100 years ago, Crèche’s first community project started with annual sewing events that were held during the Lenten season. Today, it is tradition that Crèche members continue to participate in sewing sessions held during March and April of each year.

Material is measured, cut and sewn into various items for children at WCA Hospital. These items are delivered to the nursery and the pediatric department just before Easter. 

Items include:

  • Knit hats for newborns
  • Baby gowns
  • Bereavement gowns
  • Angel Pockets

Crèche sewing events involve participation from every active member. Members also have a wonderful opportunity for fellowship.


The Social Committee prepares and serves a luncheon at the January Tri-Annual meeting.

The Committee also provides refreshments for the membership during the following annual events:

  • Sewing Events
  • Spring and Fall Rummage Sales
  • Tag Days Collection
  • May and September Tri-Annual meetings

Backpack Committee

Many children in our communittee come to school empty handed. They don't have paper, pencils, crayons, folders, or backpacks to carry these items to school. It is important to their educational success to have these basics. But as important is the fact that this lack makes these children feel like they are less than their peers.

We are happy to have the support of the Jamestown Cycle Shop. Who helps provide backpacks for this project. And K-mart who help provide all the items to go inside the backpacks.


Special Projects

Each year, Crèche members recognize new needs in our community. The Special Projects Committee members select one of these needs to fulfill as a special project. The purpose may be to raise community awareness or to raise funds to benefit area children. 

Recent special projects include:

  • Sizzling Summer Soiree
  • Backpack Committee - providing backpacks for local schools (which is now grown to be it's own committee)
  • Development of the Crèche website
  • “The Largest Disco on the Lake” concert fundraiser
  • “Come to the Table” silent auction to benefit CASA
  • “The Three Divas” musical fundraiser
  • Das Puppenspiel production of Snow Queen for children
  • Annual distribution of backpacks and school supplies to area schools
  • Annual collaborative “Ring the Bell” effort with the Salvation Army